+ Soup of the day P40.00
        + Chicken Salad P40.00
Chicken strips with baby tomatoes, gherkins, olives, onions, carrot and lettuce.
        + Greek salad P40.00
Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cucumber, topped with olives and feta cheese  
        + Mozzarella salad P40.00
Mozzarella cheese in a layer of sliced tomatoes and leaf of lettuce with homemade sauce  
        + Beef curry P70.00
        + Chicken curry P70.00
        + Mutton curry


        + Vegetable curry P70.00
        + Chapati P10.00
Flat Indian bread made on a tawa.  
All of our curries are made with a traditional Indian flavour. Served with rice, French fries and veggies.
        + Fillet steak (400gm) P115.00
400gm grilled steak served on a hot platter  
        + Oasis T – bone steak (400gm) P95.00
Marvelous and juicy (400gm) T-bone served on a hot platter.  
        + Rump steak par – excellence (400gm) P110.00
Sumptuous 400gm rump steak grilled to your desire  
        + Chicken fillet P85.00
Crumbed chicken fillet served with mango sauce.  
        + Grilled Chicken ¼ P45.00
        + ½ Chicken P75.00
        + Full Chicken P135.00

Grilled chicken either plain grilled or with peri- peri sauce. All served with rice, French fries and veggies.

        + Cheese and tomato P40.00
        + Chicken mayo P40.00
        + Egg mayo P40.00
        + Beef burger P55.00
        + Chicken burger P65.00
        + Mushroom burger P60.00
        + Pepper burger P50.00
        + Steak burger P60.00
        + Vegetarian burger P55.00
All served with rice, French fries and veggeis.  
        + Oasis basket P65.00
Three meat balls, three wings, three fish fingers and three viennas
served with French fries or homemade peri- peri sauce.
        + Chicken pizza P60.00
        + Vegetable pizza P50.00
        + Chicken wings P65.00
A portion of six served with sweet and sour sauce and French fries.  
        + Fish and chips P75.00
        + Plate of chips P25.00
        + Spaghetti bolognaise P25.00
        + Steamed viennas P35.00
Served with French fries.  
        + Coffee P20.00
        + Five roses P20.00
        + Roiboss P20.00
        + Served with hot or cold milk.
        + Assorted ice cream P30.00
        + Served with wafers plus  honey.  
        + Assorted milk shake flavours P30.00


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Operating Hours
06:30am to 10:00am
Restaurant Hours
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Dress Code:
Smart Casual


Smoking Policy
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