Your Wedding Count Down - By Oasis Motel

Weddings Planner

6-12 months before
□  Both parties’ parents to meet and discuss on wedding date and details of the wedding
□  Gather wedding information for planning and budgeting
□  Prepare guest invitation list and forecast attendance
□  Book venue for wedding ceremony and banquet
□  Initial stage of planning on wedding decoration and theme
□  Confirm bridal photography studio, bridal gown and car rental services
□  Begin regular facial and hair treatments
□  Pre-marital health examination


4 months before
□  Understand the local culture and custom in weddings
□  Purchase wedding rings and jewelries
□  Plan in advance for finance management and family planning
□  Purchase furniture and home appliances for new home
□  Wedding photography
□  Confirm best man and bride’s maid
□  Plan for honeymoon


2 months before
□  Confirm bridal hair style and make-up
□  Complete wedding photography
□  Confirm bridal gown and suits, choose gowns for mothers and suits for fathers
□  Plan wedding coordinator’s duties and responsibilities on the wedding day
□  Select helpers at reception. (Helpers need to know guests from both the bride and groom’s families)
□  Confirm a Master-of-Ceremony
□  Detailed planning of wedding programme


6 weeks before
□  Select and invite the witnesses for wedding signing ceremony
□  Apply for marriage leave
□  Bridal gowns and suits trial
□  Confirm honeymoon destination and itinerary
□  Send out invitation cards


4 weeks before
□  Confirm wedding details
□  Confirm helpers name list and duty roster
□  Ensure all daily necessities for new home are in order
□  Purchase honeymoon necessities


2 weeks before
□  Confirm wedding details, hairstylist, makeup artist and photographer
□  Go for one more facial treatment
□  Visit the hair salon


1 week before
□  Confirm guest list
□  Confirm final wedding details
□  Final confirmation of set-up time, guest list, wedding procedures and etc
□  Confirm the schedule of wedding rundown with all helpers
□  Go for manicure, pedicure and beauty treatment


1 day before
□  Confirm appointment with makeup artist and hairstylist
□  Prepare cash for dowry and hong baos (red packets)
□  Confirm all the accessories, silk stockings, shoes and etc
□  Send all beverages and goodies to hotel for wedding reception
□  Prepare ID card if checking in to the hotel
□  Wedding planning company to do set up
□  Ensure sufficient rest and avoid drinking too much water before bed
□  Go for a massage


Day of the Wedding
□  Have a hearty breakfast
□  Invite good friends to bride’s home to pick up the bride
□  Dress up
□  Ensure someone assist to look after the valuables
□  Hotel to prepare snacks in bridal room for couple
□  Maintain the high spirit and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience


Kind Reminders from Wedding Specialist:

  • Bridal couple to pay attention to their health and diet:
    • Avoid spicy and strong tasting food
    • Light and nutritious food are highly recommended
    • Try not to do strenuous exercise and keep a relaxed mind which will relieve all stress and pressure
  • The bride is recommended to wear shoes of medium height instead of high heels of an extreme height as the bride will be standing for all day long. (White, silver, gold or light colours are suitable for versatility)
  • Suggest the groom to have two suits, formal attire and regular suit. (Or have one traditional costume based on nationality)
  • Standby gifts at the reception table for guests
  • Massage eyes before going to bed to avoid dark eye circles
  • Drink some Jasmine tea which aids relaxation ;



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